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Bill Parr, Superintendent

Bill Parr, Course Superintendent, has been with Country Club of the Poconos since 2010. Bill is a highly qualified, innovative, and dedicated Superintendent. Over the past 35 years, Bill has been a Golf Course Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Foreman, and or Irrigation Consultant. He started his career as an Apprentice at Mountain Manor Golf Club where he learned all facets of golf maintenance operations.

Bill and crew spend countless hours maintaining the course. This team has shown to put in whatever time and effort is needed to keep the course in great playable condition throughout the entire season. From early morning watering, to end of day clean up operations, the maintenance crew has made Country Club of the Poconos widely known as “the nicest course in the area.”

How fortunate we are to have such a highly qualified and dedicated golf course superintendent with Billy Parr.

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