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Golf Blog- May 4, 2018

Well golfers, the season has been off to an interesting start, it seems that winter just didn’t want to let go. We had a busy first two days to start the season and then some cold and wet weather set in. The weekend of April 21st also proved to be busy as we hosted two charity golf outings. Both Tall Cedars and ESU’s Lambda Iota Sorority held successful events raising money for their charitable causes. Please check out our events page on CCPPAgolf.com for further charity outings and come join us and “Golf for the Good.” Our next charity golf fundraiser is Sunday May 20th, for Mady’s Angels..
The lingering winter weather and the severe storms we experienced created quite a challenge for our maintenance staff as well. In all, over 23 trees were removed from the course. As of this writing the staff is still trying to get back on track with all the routine maintenance the course requires.
We promoted our off-season April Special through the media, most notably on CAT Country radio and ESPN am radio. We are also working with Gary in the Morning at WABT 96.7 for further advertising opportunities during the season, especially to promote the charity golf tournaments.
New CCP logoed merchandise has arrived in the Pro Shop and is currently on sale at 20% off. Come and get it! Also, now is the time to check the grips on your clubs. We have selected grips in stock and can order others and regrip them here on the premises.
I saved the best for last: HAVE YOU GOTTEN YOUR GOLF MEMBERSHIP YET? If not, give me a call at 570-223-8099. If a full membership doesn’t make sense for you this summer (you’re going away for vacation, visiting relatives for example) then consider our golf cards: Golf Cards: 10 rounds for $275 or 20 rounds for $525 It’s like getting a “right sized” membership, just for you!
Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ccpgolf or at www.ccppagolf.com. The golf committee also meets the second Monday of every month at 8:30 am at the Whispering Pines Banquet Hall while the course is open, and the township building during the winter months!
Hope to see you on the course!
Kevin Dixon
CCP Golf Pro Shop Manager

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